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Why Radiation Reconciliation is Right for your Hospital

By Austin Lee on July 8, 2013 in Products

Radiation Reconciliation SM by Brily Innovations is a revolutionary approach to managing the cumulative radiation exposure of your patients. Unlike other products Radiation Reconciliation was developed by practicing Emergency Physicians to fit seamlessly into the current workflow. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of implementing Radiation Reconciliation.

How does Radiation Reconciliation help Patients and Hospitals?

The most important feature of Radiation Reconciliation is the display of the total scans a patient has on their record prior to ordering another scan. While there are times that a scan is necessary regardless of  a patients prior scan history, there are also times in which it might be preferable to perform alternate tests to limit the cumulative radiation exposure for a patient.

Radiation Reconciliation alerts the physician to the cumulative radiation exposure of a patient and provides a visual tool to aid in the discussion of the risks and benefits of a proposed test. This is possible due to the integration of Radiation Reconciliation within your hospital’s patient record system. Radiation Reconciliation operates in the background to collect the data needed to provide the alerts as a part of your current workflow.

It is difficult at times, when discussing treatment plans with patients, to demonstrate how the course of treatment was in the patients best interest. This is especially true when a physician determines to utilize a procedure that does not include a scan. According to a recent article by ACEP there are an estimated 4,870 Future Cancers Induced by Pediatric CT every year.

It is obvious from those numbers that a reduction in imaging is preferable. Radiation Reconciliation provides a physician with a tool to not only demonstrate the care and consideration taken in the course of treatment, but helps the physician to change the conversation from: “Why won’t you give me a test?” to “My doctor wants what is best for me in both the short term and long term.”

Does Radiation Reconciliation really Work?

Yes! Drs. Brian Dawson and Kelly Carter the creators of Radiation Reconciliation are practicing emergency physicians and utilize Radiation Reconciliation in their hospital with great success.

In fact, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce awarded Brily Innovations’ Radiation Reconciliation the 2013 Health Information Technology Award at the 2013 Virginia Healthcare Innovators Award Ceremony.

How can I get Radiation Reconciliation?

To learn more about the Award Winning Radiation Reconciliation product from Brily Innovations simply fill out the Contact Form and someone will contact you to schedule a demonstration.

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